SEG 2019
September 15-18
San Antonio, Texas

Lunch & Learn

Innovative Technologies

Transforming Seabed Seismic

 Monday, September 16

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

See you next year!

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ION’s 4Sea system is taking OBS performance to the next level and giving customers the competitive edge through hardware and software intelligence.

Have lunch and learn how ION is transforming seabed seismic through a unique combination of data integration, survey time & motion simulation, innovative source control and automated systems and workflows.
ION’s experts will highlight the key components including:

  • MESA® SimSurvey™: A new software tool which adds powerful time & motion and cost analysis functionality to the survey design and planning workflow
  • Gator™: Class-leading command and control software
  • Trident: Marine mammal detection system
  • QA/QC: Integrated, comprehensive, configurable and easy to use tools and workflows that provide a paradigm shift in automated QA/QC capabilities and data delivery
  • Marlin™ : Offshore operations management software for improved safety, collaboration and efficiency with full situational awareness in congested operating environments
  • SailWing™: An innovative foil-based marine diverter for smart and efficient towing
  • Node D&R System: Developed in partnership with Evotec Marine Handling Technology, a node-agnostic design which provides automated deployment and retrieval operations at 5+ knots