Aug 19-22
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ION Lunch & Learn

New Opportunity & New Data Attract Investors to Multi-billion Barrel Exploration & Development Opportunities

 Tuesday, Aug 20

SulAmérica Convention Center

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In 2019, nearly 10 bboe of recoverable oil and gas will be made available in the Campos and Santos basins via ANP’s Transfer of Rights offering, ANP’s Open Acreage Offer Blocks, and Petrobras divestments.

The 6th Pre-Salt PSC offering will provide access to five Blocks with significant exploration potential. Blocks in the 16th Concession Contract Round also contain significant exploration potential, in both the pre-salt and post-salt sequences.

In the Campos and Santos basins, ION is merging and reimaging over 125,000 sq km of legacy 3D seismic data, creating the new Picanha 3D data volume. The Pichana 3D volume places all Campos and Santos basin opportunities in geologic context.

In the pre-salt sequence, the Picanha data volume delineates source kitchens, hydrocarbon traps, and reservoir fairways. In the post-salt sequence, it defines high-frequency fold trends in Albian carbonates and allows for more confident identification of migration pathways into overlying clastic and carbonate reservoirs.

In the Campos Basin, the dataset differentiates post-salt oil reservoirs from water-bearing reservoirs, demonstrates production-related field depletion, and defines remaining field volumes. In the Transfer of Rights Blocks, the data volume images pre-salt oil/water contacts.

Presented by: James Deckelman & Andrew Hartwig