Value Driven Appraisal and
Field Development Planning

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From early stage 2D regional analysis through reservoir characterization and beyond, ION’s unique technical flexibility enables our clients to go where the data leads.  Our global team of experts drive successful program outcomes from Access through Exploration, Appraisal, Development and Production.


Depth Image, FWI, and Inversion | Integration of Petrophysical Data with FWI

ION has assembled one of the industry’s most comprehensive 2D data libraries, covering popular plays throughout South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  Our reprocessing and reimaging programs have effectively built regional geological frameworks worldwide.

See our available 2D data programs here.

Our BasinSPAN surveys support basin-scale geological studies, understanding petroleum 3D systems, and basin modeling.  These long-offset 2D surveys are positioned to tie key wells, recent discoveries and cross play fairways to complement existing seismic data.

See our complete set of BasinSPAN surveys here.

ION’s track record of delivering Access value is not limited to datasets—our E&P Advisors group leverages accredited expertise to help derisk projects and lead multi-client opportunities.

Learn more about our E&P Advisors services here.


Built upon the expertise gained from BasinSPAN programs, ION’s 3D multi-client programs are reducing time to first oil.  Our 3D Reprocessing and SPAN 3D programs apply the latest in geophysical techniques and geological understanding, delivering unparalleled image quality to enable better exploration decisions.

See our global 3D data library here.

ION applies Tier 1 imaging capability and a reputation for timely delivery to help drive successful exploration decisions based upon 3D data.  Full Waveform Inversion for model estimation delivers new Imaging insights, and reveals new exploration opportunities.

Read more about FWI’s evolution from a monolith to a viable 3D data toolkit here.

Appraisal, Development and Production

FoundatION is a long-offset, wide azimuth, low frequency survey designed to optimize the building of appraisal velocity models.   These surveys leverage the full complement of ION’s Sparse Node Acquisition, FWI Imaging, and Low Frequency Source Multi-client offerings to deliver high contrast media for maximum image quality and model accuracy.

During the Production phase, ION’s E&P Advisors apply datasets, technology, and industry expertise to discover the underlying current and future value of oil and gas opportunities.  Our advisors strategically apply seismic data, customized imaging techniques, and more than 80 years’ combined experience as the foundation for unbiased, application-specific guidance. 

Learn more about ION’s E&P Advisors capabilities here.

Put ION’s Value Driven Approach to Work for You

Our global team of technical experts stand ready to support your energy exploration initiatives.  Please complete the form, and an ION representative in your region will reach out with more information on how our value driven approach can maximize the success of your next project.